Rubik's Illusion

Rubik's Illusion is a two player --in this case that is you and the computer-- strategy game. The game is played on a board, consisting of 32 play fields. However, a mirror is attached to the board, which projects the actual play field, therefore doubling the total number of play fields to 64.

[Yellow piece, appears red in the mirror.] There are 5 red pieces, 5 yellow pieces, and 10 mixed colored ones (hybrids), which can all be placed on the board. The hybrid pieces appear red on the board, and yellow in the mirror, or vice versa.

One player takes 5 red pieces, and 5 hybrid ones. The other player takes 5 yellow pieces, and the remaining hybrid ones. A player may only move pieces of his own color. However, hybrid pieces may be moved by both players once they have been put on the board.

The goal for a player is to connect exactly five (not more, not less) pieces of his own color, either horizontally, vertically, diagonally, on the board, in the mirror, or even partly through the mirror.


Play Rubik's Illusion online from within your web browser:

Rubik's Illusion
  • Java™ enabled browser required
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