Rubik's Maze


Rubik's Maze is a puzzle, featuring six cubes which are connected in such a way that they can rotate around each other, without getting [Rubik's Maze] disconnected from the other cubes. This allows you to create all sorts of geometrical shapes. Rubik's Maze consists of two colors: the yellow lines represent walls, whereas the black lines represent the path through the maze. The goal is to create a path which never runs into a wall.

The game is not at all suited to be converted into a computer game, mainly due to its complex user interface. Therefore, this page only contains some information on how to solve it.

Flat layout

The following pictures show you enough information for you to easily solve the maze yourself. The picture to the left shows the flat topography of the Rubik's Maze when it is solved. Furthermore, the cubes should be arranged in such a way that the connected cubes match the form in the picture to the right.

[Flat layout of solved Rubik's Maze] [Connected cubes]

3D VRML object

A flat layout can never be as intuitive as the real thing. The closest to holding a solved Rubik's Maze in your hand is the following VRML object. The object will only be displayed if your browser supports VRML (e.g. by means of Netscape's Live3D plugin).

Your browser does not support browsing VRML objects. You can still download the Maze VRML file manually.


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