Play Rubik's Illusion

  • Please read the game description first.
  • Actions per turn:
    • Place a new piece on the first row by double clicking a free spot.
    • Move one of your own pieces or a hybrid one, by any number of fields, horizontally, vertically or diagonally (not crossing other pieces). First click the piece to be moved, followed by a click on the destination field.
    • Flip a hybrid piece, turning it from red to yellow and vice versa. Double click the desired piece.
  • Hybrid pieces must be left untouched for one turn after being manipulated.
  • To play this game on levels above "Average" a fast computer is required.
If you see this, your browser does not support Java applets. Java is required to play this game.
  • Java™ enabled browser required
  • The "Rubik's" mark, the puzzle and distinctive likenesess thereof are the properties of Seven Towns Ltd. This is an unofficial version and neither it nor this site is endorsed or related by Seven Towns in any way.