Rubik's Clock

Rubik's Clock The aim of the puzzle is to set all nine clocks to 12 o'clock on both sides of the puzzle simultaneously.

Rubik's Fifteen

Rubik's Fifteen Rubik's Fifteen is inspired on the 15 Puzzle, which was invented in the late 1870s by Sam Loyd.

Rubik's Illusion

Rubik's Illusion The game is played on a board that has a mirror is attached to it, projecting the actual play field.

Rubik's Maze

Rubik's Maze Rubik's Maze consists of 6 connected cubes. The aim: place the cubes in such a way that the black line forms single long loop.

Rubik's Tangle

Rubik's Tangle Rubik's Tangle is a tile puzzle where each tile is square, showing four ropes of different colours.