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3D Game engine

Information about an alpha release of my unfinished 3D game engine


Here you can find my own MagicCarpet-like engine for the PC. It has some extra features like: 3D sky, real 3D objects (tanks, helis, hovercrafts), and more. Unfortunately, due to lack of interest, I haven't worked on it for a very long time.

How did you learn Computer Graphics?

I am often asked what books I used to build the 3D engine. Well, I got my information from various sources, but I really recommend buying this book: Computer Graphics : Principles and Practice. It is the computer graphics bible every graphics programmer must have on his/her shelf.

Screen shots

Here are 2 screen shots:

External view:
[External view]
Looking right into the eyes of the enemy:
[Camera view]

Where can I get a copy?

The engine is available for several platforms. Click on the desired platform to retrieve a copy:

Please, do not forget to read the README and LEGAL files first!

Demo notes