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[C-64 Screen]

C= 64 software depository

A collection of our products on the Commodore 64


This page contains a collection of our programs (mostly demos) for the Commodore 64. All programs can be downloaded as well. Run them on your favourite C=64 emulator.

Nobody used their real name back then. In the following table you can look-up some aliases:

Alias(es)Real name
Grayhound (GHD) Erwin Penders
Fozzie I, Grimlock (GLK)Maurice Penners
Fozzie II, Alf, Hawk, Grog Raymond Penners
SoedesoftJeroen and Michiel Soede


The following list contains an overview several products we created. Most recent entries are listed first:

You can download all Sphinx productions in ".p00" format. Here's the list:
  • Artax, our first commercial computer game. It was published by Magic Disk 64.
    [Artax story]
    [Artax intro]
    [Artax end]
    [Artax game]
  • Sprite Writer, A demo creator published by Magic Disk 64.
    [Sprite Writer]
  • Real Genius is a puzzle game, originally invented by Rubik. We also made an Amiga version of Real Genius.
    [Real Genius intro]
    [Real Genius game]
  • Digiaxion, a demo featuring a DJ acting on digitized music taken from Richochet. It also has a nice text morphing effect.
You can download all Orion productions in ".p00" format. Here's the list:
  • Imperium is a two-level action game. The first part is a jump-and-run game, where you have to find your ship. The second part is a shoot'm up.
    [Imperium picture]
    [Imperium intro]
    [Imperium game]
  • Slider contains some nice graphics made. You can even play a mini game in the upper part of the screen.
  • Outspace contains lots of scrollers, two nice pictures, and several digitized musics! This makes it a rather large demo in C=64 terms, so unpacking takes a while...
  • Captain Power. The name and picture says it all!
    [Captain Power]
  • Run for cover, which has a cool intro & cool scroller...
    [Run for cover]
    [Run for cover]
Floppy Cracking Team 1541 (FCT)
You can download all FCT productions in ".p00" format. Here's the list:
  • Kill TMC. That's right, shoot The Mercenary Cracker. The music is taken from West Bank.
    [Kill TMC]
  • The Last Ninja. Who doesn't remember this great game? This demo contains the music and a collection of some of its graphics.
    [Last Ninja]
  • Miami Vice. The great theme song, coming out of your C64. It also includes music from the game Quedex.
    [Miami Vice]
  • Music Box.
    [Music Box]
  • Zardaz.
  • Imagine, featuring music from Dog Fight, Magmax, and some tunes from Milk Race.
  • Game Sounds, with all the music and sound effects from Equalizer.
    [Game Sounds]
  • Afterburn. Music taken from Ace II. Equalizer.
  • It's cool, it's FCT! A collection of all intro's ever created by FCT.
  • Krakout Demo. Music and sprites from Krakout.
  • Transformer demo.
  • Wackadack. No fancy graphics, but it contains the best sample ever created. Really.
  • Possible. Music from Monty on the Run 2, Gobots, Shadow Skimmer and the Big Deal.
  • The Tube.
  • Zardaz.
  • Music Box.
  • Transformer demo.
  • Scroll sample.
  • Sound wave.