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[Thimblerig] [The original game -- since 1996]


Find the cup containing the die...


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[JARS Top 1%] [VR-1 Web games award] [This java game won a 5 star rating from Java Game Rating] [Selected By Games.2nd.Net] [Best applet for april'97]


The objective is simple: you should try to remember which cup contains the die. After the cups have been shuffled, click on the cup you think contains the die. If you are right, you'll advance to the next level. If you are wrong, the game restarts. Levels become increasingly difficult. Although this game is widely known to be a con trick, I promise you that the computer plays fair.


If you see this, your browser does not support Java applets. Java is required to play this game.

Hall of fame

After you have played the game, you will be asked to enter your name and some other details. This information, together with your solution time, can be sent to the WWW server. If you do so, your name may appear in the hall of fame.

Thimblerig on your site?

I am sorry, I cannot give you permission to install Thimblerig on your site. The game has been sold to a client using an exclusive license. It prohibits me to put the game on any other site but my own.