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Find The Forged Coin

Weigh the coins, and find out which one is forged

The Game

Suppose you have 12 coins. One of the coins is forged. You only know that the forged coin is heavier or lighter than the other 11 ones. But you don't know if it's in fact heavier or lighter. You must find out which coin is the forged one, and whether it's heavier or lighter.

Your only helping hand is a balance, which can be used to weigh the coins. However, the balance is running low on batteries :-), so you have only 3 attempts to weigh the coins.

Summary: your task is to find the forged coin by using the balance only 3 times.

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(If you want to know how to tell which coin was forged and be right in all cases, then you can read the solution here. But, you are only allowed to read it if you have spend at least and hour of thinking about this problem yourself!)