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Online games

Action games

[Thimblerig] Thimblerig is a famous con trick. Keep your eye on the cup containing the die, while it is being shuffled.
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Educational games

World Topography
[World Topography] This game is a great way to brush up your topography skills. You play a helicopter pilot who needs to fly to certain cities all over the world.
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[Pletters] Pictures-Letters. Your toddler will learn the alphabet in a playful way.
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Puzzle games

Rubik's Illusion
[Rubik's Illusion] Rubik's answer to connect four.
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Rubik's Clock
[Rubik's Clock] Although this game is less famous than Rubik's cube, it still is a puzzling challenge. You must set all clocks to twelve o'clock.
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Rubik's Fifteen
[Rubik's Fifteen] Rubik's Fifteen is inspired on the 15 Puzzle. You must slide around numbered squares.
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Game of Nim
[Nim] This is a puzzle game you play against a computer player of your choice. Both players take turns. Each turn, a number of stones are removed. Whoever removes the last pile of stones wins.
Find the forged coin
[Forged coin] You have to find out which coin out of twelve coins is forged. Your only helping hand is a balance you can use to weigh the coins.